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Norman Campbell
Managing Director

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Demand Generation
The step change to dominating your business sector
Decision-maker contacts (DMCs) are weary of pitches, hype, pushy salespeople and manipulative marketing.
So how do you get beyond this barrier, improve lead quality, engage DMCs more effectively and dominate your business sector?

The answer is to work with an exceptional partner that can see the big picture without missing the small details. A partner willing to immerse itself in your brand. A partner which knows the differences, not to mention the synergies, between off- and on-line marketing.

A partner like eMarket2.

Do any of these sound familiar?
Industry Fact
Did you know?
  • Nearly two-thirds of B2B marketers say that reaching decision-makers is their top challenge (Forrester)
  • 56% of B2B marketers say generating more leads is a priority (Forrester)
  • The quality of leads is more important than quantity (Forrester)
  • 69% of leads get no follow-up from Sales (Gartner)
  • Only 10% of leads are followed up correctly by Sales (Aberdeen Group)
  • Measuring and increasing qualified lead generation results is one of the top three marketing issues for board directors (IDC)
  • Failing to secure the sales and revenues needed for market leadership.
  • Unable to provide your board with measurable return on investment for your marketing spend or lead generation.
  • Unable to carry out market testing or launch into new markets.
  • Difficulty in delivering sales to your channel network.
  • Poor quality data residing in numerous unrelated data silos.
  • No dedicated central marketing prospect database.
  • Not enough qualified leads feeding through to sales.
  • Difficulty in tracking down decision makers with a purchasing requirement.
  • Lack of effectiveness in telemarketing efforts.
  • Lack of an effective sales strategy.
  • Difficulty in creating innovative, cost-effective communications with DMC prospects early in the buying cycle.
  • Lack of product/service differentiation.

Demand generation is not just lead generation in a new overcoat. It is a whole lot more, incorporating creative messaging and sophisticated database management techniques to reduce the long-term cost of complex sales, giving you a better return on investment.

In building a foundation of trust with your DMC prospects through our unique demand generation methodology, we break down most of their perceived barriers to doing business with you, allowing you to accelerate your sales cycle and dominate the decision-making process.

Talk to us if you’re looking for a way to…
  • Cut down the time it takes to convert leads to revenue.
  • Break into new markets by nurturing demand either for your direct sales force or for your channel partners.
  • Get the right message to the right decision maker through improvements in your existing data.
  • Cut down the sales cycle for complex sales by two or three meetings per prospect.
  • Develop a comprehensive demand generation strategy.
  • Create a universal lead definition lead scoring and lead management process.
  • Deploy highly creative, multi-touch campaigns across all channels.
  • Nurture leads until they become qualified opportunities.
  • Help your channel partners to close more sales.
  • Optimise marketing campaigns, demonstrating return on investment and driving revenue up.
  • Increase demand by finding customers amid the 90% of leads that traditionally do not get followed up by Sales and nurturing them through integrated marketing campaigns to ensure that they meet the strategic requirements of your business.
  • Manage leads, capturing them on a single system, responding promptly and professionally, distinguishing between sales-ready prospects and those that need nurturing, handing the former over to Sales promptly, providing ranks and reports, then tracking results.
  • Increase customer retention, applying demand generation techniques to keep existing clients loyal to your brand with a minimal budget outlay.
  • Automate demand generation through innovative technology developed with your business objectives in mind.
What can you expect from us?
Client Quote
The results have exceeded my expectations. The help and support you’ve given with the whole project has been brilliant and this has resulted in a very successful campaign.
Marketing Executive, Kingspan

We help you by developing customised lead generation and relationship marketing programmes that generate qualified opportunities, nurtured until the prospect is ready to enter their buying cycle.

Our demand generation services solve the challenge presented by traditional lead generation, where raw, unqualified leads are passed to Sales, resulting in lost productivity, missed opportunities and weak sales pipelines.

At eMarket2 we take pride in being marketing partners, sales advocates, corporate strategists and creative, innovative thinkers. eMarket2’s demand generation suite of marketing services increases sales performance and drives exceptional marketing results.

We offer a range of standard marketing services and tools, but innovative demand generation that accelerates business growth is the heart of our business.

We work for companies in the UK. North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa; get in touch with us now and reap the benefits for your business.

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